We can all experience difficulties in our lives at some time and need some help to resolve them. Counselling/psychotherapy can help you to explore what’s troubling you, discover where your beliefs have come from, gain more control and a better understanding of yourself. This in turn enables the possibility of change from often repeating patterns of the past.

I offer an environment that is supportive, warm, confidential and free from judgement. I create a space in which you will be able to explore areas of your life that you may wish to understand, improve on or make changes to. Whether the difficulties are current or unresolved from the past, together we will work at your pace to make life better. I work in an integrative way which means I draw on a number of theories to help you make sense of things.

Some of the things that counselling/psychotherapy can help you with are anxiety, depression, anger management, bereavement, blended families, illness, domestic violence, drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders, internet addiction, low self-esteem, relationship issues etc.

You may be looking for something short term such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) . This differs from other therapies in that it focuses on the here and now and what you are experiencing at the present time. It's emphasis is on the theory and how a problem is perceived or situation causes negative or dysfunctional emotions.
If you like structure being problem focussed and practical CBT could be for you.

Individuals can also seek relationship counselling without a partner. This may be due to coping with a break up or undecided about continuing in the relationship that you are in. I also see family members who wish to improve on their relationships with particular family members i.e mothers and sons/daughters, fathers and sons/daughters, siblings and blended family members.

If you are facing isolation due to your partner or family members behaviour or convictions what ever the content you do not need to suffer in silence. I can help you explore the impact of offences on a family. Please feel free to call me today to discuss how I can help you through. You may benefit from a support group.

There may be sexual behaviours which may be inappropriate or harmful to yourself or your sexual partner and you may feel more comfortable talking through individually such as

  • Addiction to pornography or Internet or cybersex;
  • Addiction to sex
  • Compulsive sexual behaviour: excessive masturbation, multiple sex partners.
  • Fetishism, cross-dressing, voyeurism, exhibitionism, BDSM that cause you or your partner to feel uncomfortable;
  • Sexual fantasies with which one is uncomfortable, ones’ partner is uncomfortable or that are of an obsessive nature.

You may have experienced a Sexually Traumatic Experience such as

  • Problems due to incest, sexual and psychological abuse, rape, sexual harassment;
  • Uncontrollable automatic reactions during sex: flashbacks, feelings of panic, dissociation or feeling of “leaving one’s body”, discomfort or disgust towards certain forms of touch or sexual acts;

Difficulties Related to Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity:

  • Discomfort related to sexual orientation (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered): uneasiness, confusion, shame, “coming out” issues, family conflicts.

What ever the issue take the first step and call or email to discuss things further without obligation.