Many of us experience difficulties in our sexual relationship at some point in our lives .The origins for these difficulties can be psychological due to anxiety , depression or other mental health problems. They could also be caused by emotional difficulties such as unhappiness, un resolved grief or problems in a relationship or perhaps due to certain situations/circumstances.

Some times sexual difficulties result from effects of illness, accidents, surgery, medications or disability. What ever the cause and there could be a combination of factors, talking these issues through with a psychosexual therapist can help you to get back on track.

I think what stops us seeking help often, is that sex is an area that in general we find ourselves getting embarrassed about. We may have received messages such as 'it's not macho to talk about such things', 'good girls don't, 'it should come naturally', etc. We are all individual, all unique and all deserve a full ,consensual, satisfying sex life whether that be alone or with others.

Sex therapy is available to individuals and couples irrespective of sexual orientation.

It involves talking therapy, psychological and practical techniques to help you move through the difficulties. It may involve some sex education , communication skills and tasks given to undertake at home. At no point will you be asked to remove clothing or engage in any sexual activity in the therapy room.

I will endeavor to help you over come sexual difficulties such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low desire, pain on intercourse and vaginismis.

It may be that you want to improve your sexual confidence and try new things or help your partner understand what it is you would like.

I also help those you feel they have an addiction to sex/pornography and that is taking over their lives or they are troubled by their sexual thoughts.

It may be that you have been affected by a partner or relatives sexual activity and wish to explore how that effects you.

What ever the reason, please feel free to contact me either by email or telephone so that you can find out more and begin the process of taking charge of your life.